B&B Casa Vanzetta - Ziano di Fiemme, Trentino


Next winter could be the first in decades where skiing does not play a major role. So what can we do? Finally we can think of the mountains in their most ancient and original essence; a fantastic place where nature and its rules govern the days. No queues, no confusion, just silence, the smell of fresh snow and rays of sunshine that warm body and soul. We offer you the unique experience of rediscovering the mountains in winter by walking with crampons and snowshoes, to discover the joy of leaving the first trail on different tracks every day. Hundreds of kilometres of "tracks" that nature has always prepared for us, with or without snow, but always spectacular! We look forward to seeing you.
B&B Casa Vanzetta - Ziano di Fiemme, Trentino


If you would like to bring your dog or cat with you on holiday, they are welcome to stay with us. You can bring your pet with you at no extra cost; while you are having breakfast he can stay on the veranda and enjoy the fresh morning air and you don't have to leave him alone in your room. If you wish, you can keep him company by taking your cup and going out on the terrace yourself. We accommodate one animal per room; if you are travelling with more than one animal, please contact us to check if it is possible to take them all with you.

B&B Casa Vanzetta - Ziano di Fiemme, Trentino


Our guests often ask us for recipes for our cakes and jam. Here are some of them:

BUCKWHEAT CAKE: 180g butter, 4 yolks, 4 egg whites beaten to stiff peaks, 100g sugar, 150g buckwheat, 150g chopped hazelnuts, 50g chopped dark chocolate, 1 sachet of yeast, a few tablespoons of milk, 125g raspberry jam for the filling. Mix the butter with the sugar, add the yolks and all the other ingredients; at the end add the egg whites, beaten until stiff, being careful not to let them melt. Bake at 150° for 50 minutes (do a toothpick test at the end of cooking to check the consistency). When the cake has cooled, fill with jam and decorate with icing sugar.
CHOCOLATE CAKE: 40 g flour, 150 g sugar, 4 eggs, 125 g butter, 150 g dark chocolate for cakes. Melt the butter with the chocolate in a bain-marie and add all the other ingredients. Bake at 170° for 45/50 minutes. Use a small mould because the cake does not contain yeast.
APPLE STRUDEL: a roll of puff pastry (e.g. Buitoni rectangular), 3/4 Golden apples, a package of pine nuts, sultanas to taste, lemon juice, 1 tablespoon sugar, cinnamon. Peel the apples and cut them into cubes; add the pine nuts, sultanas, sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon and mix everything together. Roll out the puff pastry and add the filling. Roll up and bake at 180° for about 30 minutes.
B&B Casa Vanzetta - Ziano di Fiemme, Trentino


Ziano is an excellent starting point for discovering lesser-known and lesser-visited places in Val di Fiemme. Starting from Sadole you can discover the world of the Lagorai chain or, starting from the hamlet of Zanon, you can go up to discover the Boneta valley and the shepherds' writings ... in short, all you need is information and the desire to search.

B&B Casa Vanzetta - Ziano di Fiemme, Trentino


Do you love fishing? Trentino has plenty of proposals for you and Val di Fiemme is one of them. From February to September it is possible to fish in the Avisio torrent, with its waters rising from the Marmolada and flowing into the Adige river just north of Trento. In the Avisio the waters are abundant and offer hospitality to trout in its Fario and Marmorata varieties. In our B&B you can store your fishing equipment to dry your clothes and boots; you can also keep the fish you have caught in the freezer until your departure. And when you return from your day of fishing, if you are tired of the cold water but not of the hot one, the outdoor Jacuzzi is waiting for you for a moment of total relaxation.

In May, June, September and October, 10% discount for bookings of at least 3 nights.